Back To School Essentials

School Hallway.jpg


  • John 6:1-15

I remember what it was like going back to school after an awesome summer. You want to show off your new clothes, your new tan and even your new pens! Trust me we understand, I found nothing more exciting than going to Wal-Mart and picking out my favorite notebooks and folders.

How will people even know who I truly am without knowing which folder I would pick? When I was in school it was all about sparkly notebooks or in my case, all things Batman.

But we want you to go back to school, excited about something else!

Motion just ended, and if you didn’t go that is okay! Here is a quick synopsis, Go forth and proclaim the gospel, God has called you and given you a purpose. You don’t have to add anything to what God has already given you, what you have is enough, offer it to our Father and watch him work!

If you are saying to yourself, “I’m not sure what my calling is or what my purpose is.” Look around you! YOU ARE CALLED! He has already given you the things you need. He can take your five loaves and two fish and change the lives of thousands. Don’t underestimate what you have been given! You are called to your school, your family and your workplace. Be the light of the world where you are now.

Go back to school with new essentials.

  • Create a list of friends that you want to be like in the context of relationship with Jesus. These people should hold you accountable!
  • Create a list of friends that you may need to cut ties with.
  • Create a list of people you want to tell and show Jesus to. The friends from the first essential should encourage you and hold you to telling these friends about Jesus.


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