Father, what is my story?

IMG_6093 Scripture References:

  • Psalm 86: 15
  • Zephaniah 3: 17
  • Romans 5: 8
  • Ephesians 2: 4-6

My favorite question to ask someone is, “What is your Jesus story?” I have no idea why I get a thrill out of it, but I do! I guess it is because I often hear things like this:

  • I don’t really have one
  • Mine isn’t really good
  • Well, it’s not like (insert a name here)

I’m not salty, I’m not here to preach at you. I am WITH you!!! I normally said my testimony isn’t much. I have great parents and great friends. I’ve never done anything that was “bad” and I’ve never had this radical come-to-Jesus moment. I was that girl that kept her little mouth shut and prayed to God that no one would ask me that question.

Truthfully, I needed to know why I didn’t think I had a good Jesus story and it was because I didn’t really have one. Yeah, I “know” Jesus. Yeah, I told people I am a Christian. Yeah, I go to church. I could quote John 3:16 and Philippians 4:13 word for word. I was a GOOD girl!!! Suddenly, I prayed a big, fat, humbling prayer about a year ago. I asked the Holy Spirt if I knew Him. I can’t say that I got this immediate response with vivid visions and a booming voice telling me that I am a sinner and I better find Jesus. No, the Holy Spirit slowly revealed my nature to me.

A few years ago my family went through a nasty divorce. Feelings were hurt… well feelings are still hurt. And there is this scar left from the anger and the betrayal. But, what made me the most bitter is the fact that the spot light was no longer on me. That’s a tough reality to face, to really see how selfish I am… and the crazy thing is that NO ONE taught me this! I never had to read a book about how to be selfish or prideful- this is my nature; these traits were who I was! Later, I read this really adorable love story about a man named Hosea chasing his horrible wife named Gomer. News flash, I am Gomer. I am the girl that didn’t want to submit to my Lord.

I continued to run down this road of destruction. Well, the Word says this:

“Therefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her.”

Hosea 2:14

How amazing is that??? Your God, in the midst of your doubt and your wandering, is still alluring you to Him. So, that is my story. A once unbeliever, bitter, angry, hateful, and a prideful enemy of God became His child. He loves me, He shows me how to love you, and He is here for both of us. Eventually I gave into the Lord’s constant pursuit of me. I can’t explain it right, but it was as if He was near me, speaking sweet truths in my ear- “You are accepted.” “I am for you.” “I will never leave you.” “You are beautiful to Me.” And here it is, I want you to insert YOUR name:

“You, (Name), are a Child of God.” “You, (Name), have a purpose.” “You, (Name), are precious to Me.”

Want me to keep on? Because I can. Your worth is far greater than what your cute little brain can imagine. The Maker of ALL THINGS had a specific thought for you. He has given you talents, gifts, and quirks that make you valuable to the Kingdom. There was a time that you crossed over from death into living. That isn’t something that we should so flippantly accept. Because here is the thing, there are people who don’t know Jesus. And don’t ever think just because you are young, inexperienced, and…. young that you can’t impact the Kingdom. Recently, I had an amazing conversation with a beautiful 13 year old girl. She showed me just how much she loves Jesus by investing in friendships that come with intentional conversation. Let me just tell you, her friend found Jesus. Her friend walked away from death and is now walking alongside Love, Himself.

Your Jesus story matters. Your Jesus story is amazing. Go and tell it over the mountain, my dear.

– Bre

1. Who are you asking their Jesus story?

2. Who are you telling your Jesus story to?

3. Have you tried writing your Jesus story down? I know it helps me, every time I write it down. Maybe it will help you too!

3 thoughts on “Father, what is my story?

  1. You are amazing young woman and thank you for sharing your story it matters so much ! You are a inspiration to young women you come in contact with Jesus shines through !!!! Never stop Bre never let anything stop you sharing Jesus….you know I think that will never that will never happen ! You are a blessing to me so thankful I got to share our Mission trip ! God’s Blessing’s I love you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That makes me so happy! It wasn’t easy to just write that down. But, let me tell ya, Livian, the Lord just shows you how faithful He really is when you write down your story. I hope this makes you want to spend some time writing about how ever present He is in your beautiful life!


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