Making Much of Him.


Some Bread to eat:

  • John 3:16-17
  • Ephesians 2: 4-5
  • Zephaniah 3: 17
  • 1 Peter 5: 6-7
  • Romans 5: 2-5

If I’m being transparent right now, I have to admit that I have been frustrated about writing this blog. I’ve been praying for about two weeks for God to reveal what He wants to say to and through me. I haven’t felt like I’ve gotten an answer. I had a lot of really cool concepts in my head but God convicted me and told me those were from me and that I am trying too hard. He told me that powerful points and eloquence had become more important to me than making much of Him. So that is what I am going to do. I am going to spend this post praising the God of the universe, the One who tells me things that I need to hear, the One who will stay with me during my dark times. He is the One who told me to stop seeking things about  the life He gives me and start seeking Him. 

Thank you, Father, for Your Son and the Gift of having conversations with You in His Name.

So in photography class this week, my professor said something about Photoshop that literally moved me. No, I wasn’t moved about how amazing of a program Photoshop is- although all of its capabilities are super cool. It revealed something about God to me that blew my mind. My professor said, “I know so much about Photoshop that I know how much I don’t know about Photoshop.”

Since all the things God says about himself is truth, I know that He is the Creator of the universe. And He is Grace. He is Mercy. He literally love. His is our Joy, our Hope, our Rescuer, our Refuge, our Redemption, our Eternity, our Purpose, our Life, and infinitely more. Just this short list will require eternity to wrap my head around.


I give you praise for who You are. I lift your Name high. You are Jesus. You are greater than I and I NEED YOU! Without You, I am nothing. Ecclesiastes says that everything is meaningless without You. It’s really easy to just name off some of the things You are and get lost in the words, but ultimately You are everything. Coming to the realization that without You, I am nothing is not easy. But, I know You are everything and You gave Yourself to me and for me.

The fact that you, Father, are all of this and so much more and still humbled Yourself for me, a sinner, is unfathomable. I am in love with who You are. I am astounded by Your love for me. I am excited for Your plans for me. My heart yearns to know You more and to be like You. Thank You for Your Son, who took my shame and my burdens. Thank You for Your Spirit who tells me when I am wrong, who I am, and speaks truth and promises to me every day. Thank you, God for even thinking to create me and literally considering me…. ME worth dying for. Worth the death of the One who Created me.I am humbled and forever in awe of You. I am honored to serve You. Father, I LOVE YOU!


P.S. This totally doesn’t come close to describing our God, but the cool thing is that even though we cannot fathom all of Him, He still gave Himself to us. So, I plan on spending the rest of my eternity unwrapping an unexplainable Gift from my Father, which is Himself.

– Autumn

  1. Who is God to you? Write that down in your journal. For added bonus, search the Word that helps your statement.
  2. Write out a prayer of praise to Him. You can pick a Psalm and base it off of that, but just tell Him how much you love Him. That may surprise you.

2 thoughts on “Making Much of Him.

  1. Great post! I can totally relate to you on your frustrations with what to write about this post as I am when I start my prayer time in the morning or when I do my journal entry. Ideas would come, one or two points would be appropriate but it feels like there’s just something missing. Then the idea of worship and praising God spontaneously or through pen and paper would hit me every so often and I find myself in a warp zone, literally in tears the whole time I’m praising. He opens my heart and bares my soul just for Him. When I thought I couldn’t handle a single page to write, He amazes me that I could go on writing praises about Him until the last page. He is God bigger than even our most trivial problems about what to write or what to blog. With Him, no other inspiration is big enough. That’s when all fears, problems and all other doubts fade away. He totally unwraps you from those things and wraps you anew with pure peace and love. He is truly the heart of worship.

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