He is more than enough for me.


The Lord gave me an idea a few months ago to create a group that was a diverse group of ladies. I wanted different ages, races, social classes, parts of town, and anything else that would set us apart. Because, through all of our differences we get the privilege to gather under one Name. But, I thought this would be just in our hometown. Never did I think that I would be speaking of the Lord’s goodness with ladies a world away. Ladies that are brave, strong, and broken. This particular sister has every reason to run from the Lord, but from Him she draws strength. I have no idea where you are in this season, princess, but the Lord is faithful. God is for you. He is near. Take a moment to read yet another documentation of His goodness.

– Bre

Once upon a time, there was this lovely little girl who’s a product of sin and grew up with her grandmother who became like a mother to her. Her mother has her own family, she has six half siblings.

She was sixteen when her grand mother died.

She was in high school at that time, and her mother promised her to send her to college, After the first semester, she was obliged to come home. Her mother told her, she can no longer sustain her tuition fee. Filled with frustration, disappointment, and a need of money- she decided to find her biological father (whom she never met), so that she could continue her college education.

She moved to a new city and began to work as a nanny to make ends meet while still searching. Three months passed and she finally found him. She’s so happy to finally be reunited with her father and his whole family after long years. She thanked the Lord, He blessed her with a good, very loving, and supportive father. Being with him at that time is the best moment of her life. She felt loved and secured. When she got back to her mother’s home town to process all her documents to finally get back to school, her sister called with a bad news that changed her life. Her father died.

That’s the turning point of her life that made her asked God “why did He do this to me?” All her dreams suddenly crashed before her that left her hopeless, helpless, unprotected, and vulnerable.

Unconsciously, it left a hole in her heart that made her long for love, without guidance she thought a man can fill it…she entered into many wrong relationships and engaged in premarital sex until she got pregnant by this one man…She doesn’t know where to start because she messed everything up. But then, she made an important decision that will change her life, she decided to continue the pregnancy.

Three months into her pregnancy, she found out that her boyfriend is involved with several relationships with different women… and he also got most of them pregnant. She was crushed. But that became a time that her relationship with God became refined. She had a shattered faith that the Lord was has piecing it together like a mosaic. She decided to put God in the center of her life. She asked God’s forgiveness. She began to live life guided by the Lord and under His control. She gave birth to a very beautiful little angel sent straight from Heaven’s door- very smart, adorable, and pretty. The baby girl is her life. She named her Dabbie Gabrielle named after one of God’s angel because she’s really an angel to her.

Her daughter has Congenital Heart Disease(CHD), Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) and she was in need a transcatheter device closure. She had a weak set of lungs that could develop high blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs or an infection of the inner lining of the heart and could develop into a heart enlargement if the PDA does not close. She struggled to raise the money for her daughter’s surgery, but she did along with a strong community. But then, with God by her side, the procedure went smoothly.

It’s been one and a half year since her daughter’s cardiac catheter procedure and in behalf of her daughter Dabbie Gabrielle, she’s very thankful to those who prayed, to those who are very generous and kind-hearted enough support to her during the days.

She was pleading for  help. She can’t named them all, but it has really sent a buzz through the entire life of Dabbie. And, to the most amazing and indescribable God that she had ever known in her entire life, who gave her daughter’s second life; a God who made miracle in their lives. She’s nothing without JESUS who died on the cross for them just to save their lives.

Now, this girl who overcome all those challenges in life,  is ME!
I am Domilyn Madlangbayan: 28 years of age, single mother of a 4 year old daughter, never been married, and willing to spend my life to serve the Lord forever!

I’m not searching for any particular end point, however. All I want is to be happy, to live a life that focuses more on the good than the bad (though, I do believe you need both to have a happy life).
On this road — this twisting, turning road to happiness — there have been many ups and downs. There have been challenges. There have been inspirations. There have been many amazing experiences that I never would have had if I had not made the choice to live a positive and happy life with God.

Recently, as I struggle to be positive about certain challenges in my life, I’ve been giving some serious thought on how I can transform my outlook from negative-focused to a more positive-focused one. ( I don’t always see the good. Like everyone, I have good days and bad days, but, for the most part, there has been a BIG shift in my attitude over the past year or so).
Though I have to admit that there are many factors involved in my personal development —God, my daughter, my job, my family, friends, surrounding myself with happy, and supportive people, I can say that, at the most basic level, choosing to be positive and obeying God’s plan has helped me a lot in terms of becoming the person that God wants me to be.

And I intended to spend the rest of my life loving, praising, worshipping, and serving Jesus in my lifetime. I know, whatever comes my way everything is going to be okay, knowing that I have a GOD who is in me, with me, and before me! God said, “I will be faithful to those who are faithful to me.” And that is enough for me. He is more than enough for me.

– Domilyn

Our sweet sister from the Philippines.

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